A) Continuously updated monitoring the expected relevant calls in terms of priorities in the field of R & D at FBERG and individual departments;

  • Monitoring, sort and share basic relevant information through department website and its instruments;

B) Continuous monitoring by the possibility of Slovak and international project consortium;

  • Through self-monitoring;
  • Through cooperation with relevant institutions;
  • Sharing of basic information through a department website and its instruments;
  • Offer profiles for R & D project consortia by relevance;

C) Management support by participating in the specific calls and the project consortium

  • Consulting support for leading researchers (directors) by R & D profiles;
  • Consultations of formal and administrative aspects of projects;
  • Support to ensure the necessary administrative documentation for the project;
  • Monitoring the research team capacities of the Institute;

D) Creating of organizational system for projects implementing;

  • Evidence of prepared, submitted and implemented projects;
  • Professional training in project management area;
  • Establishing new cooperation in the field of publicity and project collaboration
  • Close cooperation with the Development and realisation workplace of RMET (VRP);
  • Promotion of R & D results;
    – Through own information channels;
    – Through secondary (partner) information channels.