EIT JumpStarter Competition 2020

Overview of EIT Manufacturing
EIT Manufacturing is a new Innovation Community of the European Institute of Innovation and
Technology (EIT). It envisions that global manufacturing innovation is led by Europe. It aims to bring
manufacturing actors of Europe together in innovation ecosystems that add unique value to European
products, processes and services and inspire creation of globally competitive and sustainable
EIT Manufacturing brings along a unique partnership of 50 leading companies, universities, and research
institutions that covers the entire product lifecycle and the entire value chain, and includes key addedvalue industry sectors. Headquartered in Paris, EIT Manufacturing is leveraged by five (5) Innovation Hubs,
so-called Co-Location Centres, which stimulate innovation, capacity building and ecosystem development
at the regional level, on San Sebastián (CLC West), Darmstadt (CLC Central), Gothenburg (CLC North),
Milan (CLC South) and Vienna (CLC East).
EIT Manufacturing’s approach is designed to immediately and forcefully address specific economic and
societal challenges, leveraging opportunities to maximise the impact for a successful European
The EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (EIT RIS) is the EIT Community’s outreach scheme with the objective
to contribute to boosting innovation in European countries and regions which are modest and moderate
innovators according to the European Innovation Scoreboard.
Last updated on January 16, 2020
2. The Structure of the Competition
EIT Manufacturing co-organizes the EIT JumpStarter Competition 2020 (“Competition”), an innovation
contest aiming to reach out, identify and support the best ideas from researchers and professionals with
a potential impact in the manufacturing sector.
A selected list of candidates will be allowed to access the very selective training program that aims to
provide expertise for business plan development and elevator pitching education. The teams with the
best quality deliverables and pitching will be awarded with a money prize.
This competition is divided into several phases:
Phase 1: Submission of ideas
The application deadline for the programme is 15 March 2020, 17:00 CET. Please apply through our online
application form. The applicants should put an emphasis on: the innovative concept, competitive
advantage, customers and potential market. Applications can be submitted once and to only one
organization (either EIT Health or EIT Food or EIT RawMaterials or EIT InnoEnergy or EIT Urban Mobility
or EIT Manufacturing) and under the most appropriate thematic field.
The submitted applications will be assessed by a team of experts and will be handled confidentially.
Phase 2: Bootcamps and coaching
The aim of the two-days long trainings is to deliver fundamental qualitative and quantitative skills of
developing a business case for an entrepreneurial idea, as well as knowledge on pitching the business
case in order to get investor funding. Focus areas: pitch deck development and identification of areas for
further development. Bootcamps will be organized in various places from April to May 2020. All
bootcamps run along the same curriculum, while the teams are mixed across the six thematic areas.
Therefore, during the application phase applicants need to select one bootcamp only they would like to
attend. Once the team joined one bootcamp, they are not eligible to participate in another. The maximum
number of teams is 15 per bootcamp, therefore if this number is exceeded, selected applicants accept
that they may be contacted and redirected to attend another bootcamp.
Phase 3: Selection to the Local Joint Trainings
At the end of the second day of the bootcamps, teams will pitch their business ideas. The pitch will be
recorded and forwarded to EIT Manufacturing’s evaluation committee.
After each Bootcamp, the participants will be asked to submit their pitch decks within two weeks. This
intends to serve the purpose of providing equal opportunities to all participants. We will not accept
business plans submitted after the deadlines of the respective Bootcamp. Based on the submitted pitch
decks and the pitch videos recorded at the bootcamps, EIT Manufacturing will select the best performers,
most committed 15 teams and invite them to attend Local Joint Trainings.
The videos and pitch decks will be handled under confidentiality.
Last updated on January 16, 2020
Phase 4: Local Joint Trainings
Local Joint Trainings, based on the knowledge acquired in the bootcamp, will be organized in various
places from September to October 2020. The aim of the trainings are to help teams testing and validating
their main assumptions set up in the Bootcamp, enrich knowledge in the tools of the Bootcamp, teach
them how to present their business idea in a structured way, and how to eventually open a company.
At the end of the education phase, the best six teams will be invited to deliver a pitch at the EIT Joint
Grand Final event.

Phase 5: Joint Final Pitching and Awards Ceremony
This is the final pitching competition of the EIT Jumpstarter program organized together by EIT Health,
EIT RawMaterials, EIT Food, EIT InnoEnergy, EIT Urban Mobility and EIT Manufacturing in November 2020.
The teams will be grouped into thematic sessions, where six teams will pitch and compete. The teams will
pitch their idea in front of an expert Jury, composed of representatives from EIT Manufacturing.
The top 3 winners will be selected by the Jury and awarded:
− 1st prize in the Manufacturing domain: € 10,000
− 2nd prize in the Manufacturing domain: € 7,000
− 3rd prize in the Manufacturing domain: € 5,000
− Special prize: € 5,000 (available to all finalists regardless of the thematic field)
3. Eligibility criteria

EIT Jumpstarter is suitable for individuals with innovative business idea in the manufacturing sector, who
want to gain a practical insight what it means to run a business and establish a start-up.
The competition is open to all individuals and teams of natural persons permanently settled or citizens of
the EIT RIS eligible countries (further specified in point 3.e below). Natural person: Researchers, PhD
students, students or research groups from universities and research organizations; professionals,
entrepreneurs or idea owners that have an idea/ solution that is targeting the manufacturing sector and
want to start a company.
The applications can be submitted either by a single idea holder or by a team of persons represented by
a contact person. There is no pre-set number of members in a team, but maximum two (2) members are
eligible for financing. The participation of a team is welcome and appreciated in the evaluation, especially
when the team is covering different competences required in running a start-up. However, a maximum
number of two (2) members per team is eligible to take part in the Bootcamps and the Local Joint
Additional eligibility criteria are:
a. Proposals must be in English.
b. Incomplete submissions, or submissions via any other routes (e.g., email) will not be accepted.
c. It is recommended that the idea is within the scope of the EIT Manufacturing Flagships.
d. Additional information such as weblink to the project, or a presentation can be uploaded to
support your application. These additional documents are not mandatory, and please be aware
that the reviewers may not consider these attachments as basis for their evaluation.
Last updated on January 16, 2020
e. Countries eligible to take part in the programme are: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic,
Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia,
Spain, Romania, Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Former Yugoslav
Republic of Macedonia, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine.

4. Funding terms
Maximum two (2) members per team are eligible for financing.
Successful applicants will receive support for covering their travel and accommodation in two stages:
1. Bootcamps and coaching phase. Each individual/team member will have a budget of up to 500€
to cover his/her own individual travel and accommodation costs. Reimbursement will be at actual
cost following the submission of a cost report by the individuals.
2. Local joint trainings Joint Grand Final. Each individual/team member will have a budget of up to
500€ to cover his/her own individual travel and accommodation costs for attending the local
trainings and the Grand Final event.
Prizes for the Manufacturing section at the Joint Pitch Finals are:
st 10,000 €
7,000 €
5,000 €
and one Special prize available for all finalists regardless of their thematic field: 5,000€
These are non-dilutive awards.
5. IP rights and confidentiality
The applications submitted to EIT Manufacturing for the EIT Jumpstarter are handled under
confidentiality. Everybody that comes in contact with the applications during the review process is bound
by confidentiality agreements. By applying for the Competition, the applicants consent to accessing,
keeping and using their data by EIT Manufacturing for the purposes of the Competition.
Applicants retain full and exclusive ownership of their prior information and intellectual property rights.
The organizers and their authorized representatives in the program undertake to ensure the
confidentiality of the ideas and projects presented and developed throughout the Competition.
6. Important dates

✓ Deadline for submitting business ideas: 15 March 2020, 17:00CET.
✓ Selection of ideas and invitation of the bootcamps: 30 March 2020.
✓ Bootcamps will be held in various places across April-May 2020 (to be defined)
✓ Local joint trainings: September to October 2020 (to be defined)
✓ Final Ceremony and awards: November 2020 (to be defined)
Dates could change, but the organization will report them appropriately.
Last updated on January 16, 2020
EIT Manufacturing is supported by the EIT,
a body of the European Union
7. How to get in touch
More information on EIT Manufacturing: http://www.eitmanufacturing.eu
More information on EIT’s Regional Innovation Scheme: https://eit.europa.eu/ouractivities/outreach/eit-regional-innovation-scheme-ris
Contact from EIT Manufacturing regarding the EIT Jumpstarter:
Dr. Konstantinos Georgoulias

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