Presentation of the Department:

Research activities of the Institute are inclusive and reflect modern trends in geodesy, cartography and geoinformatics. The Institute realize research in the fields of:

·         surveying and engineering surveying,

·         cartography,

·         photogrammetry and remote sensing,

·         cadastre of real estates and land consolidation,

·         geoinformatics.

Regarding these activities, the Institute focuses on the solution of research tasks related to the issues of application of surveying and engineering surveying in the field of investment construction, mining and metallurgical industry as well as activities related to the documentation of changes to earth’s surface associated with the use of mineral resources. Furthermore, the Institute reflects trends in research in the collection of data to the documentation of cultural, historical as well as natural monuments. In the field of geoinformatics, the Institute deals with the research of data collection methods for GIS, the creation of tools for GIS for the needs of solving the actual tasks of practice, state and public administration, the development of tools for risk assessment of natural and anthropogenic factors negatively affecting the environment, its quality and a sustainable development of society. In the last years, research at the Institute is also oriented to the area of the use of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) for data collection for the needs of Earth’s surface modelling and documentation of natural and anthropogenic objects.

List of available research equipment for cooperation

Software equipment of computer laboratories of the Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and GIS (UGKaGIS):

  • WinKOKEŠ 11.53 (1 network license for 21 computers, 3 local licenses),
  • ATLAS DMT DEMO 1.2, demo,
  • BENTLEY MicroStation 95,
  • Terramodeler,
  • ArcView GIS 3.2 + Spatial analyst + 3D Analyst,
  • GROMA 8.0 demo,
  • GEUS MAP 7.1, educational version,
  • MATLAB 5.22,
  • S+ 2000,
  • AutoCad map,
  • Photomodeler Scanner,
  • Photomodeler Scanner full,
  • Agisoft PhotoScan,
  • Auto Cad Civil 3D,
  • Trimble Recon,
  • Street Pilot C550 + SK Roads,
  • Trimble Geomatics Office v. 1.62,
  • ArcGIS 9.1 + Spatial analyst + 3D Analyst,
  • ArcGIS 10.2+ Spatial analyst + 3D Analyst,
  • Terra Sync Professional 3 licenses,
  • Geo SK-5 (1 local license)

Currently, the Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and GIS (UGKaGIS) has the following instrumentation:

  • Electronic plane table KYPREGEL
  • Phase comparator 1AFK13
  • electronic laboratory measuring instrument VAREG 2
  • Indicator TKG DR
  • Optical levelling instrument MN 20
  • Instrument ZEISS NI 025 2 pcs.
  • Instrument ZEISS NI B5
  • Instrument MOM NI A1
  • Instrument NI D1
  • Instrument NI 050K
  • Instrument ZEISS NI 004
  • Instrument NI B3
  • Instrument ZEISS NI 030
  • Instrument KONI 007 compensator
  • Instrument NI B
  • Instrument NI 002 compensator 400 (grad)
  • Instrument NI A31
  • Instrument ZEISS NI 007 optical 400 (grad) 3 pcs.
  • Instrument NI 022 10 pcs.
  • Levelling instrument NI DL 101 G DIG
  • Theodolite MEOPTA T 1C 3 pcs.
  • Theodolite ZEISS THEO 080 6 pcs.
  • Theodolite ZEISS THEO 020 A 5 pcs.
  • Theodolite ZEISS ZHEO 020 B 5 pcs.
  • Theodolite balloon 2 pcs.
  • Theodolite ZEISS THEO 120
  • Theodolite WILD T2
  • Theodolite MEOPTA T30
  • Theodolite HILDEBRAND
  • Theodolite KERN DKM 3
  • Theodolite T 1C
  • Theodolite TB3 MOM
  • Theodolite ZEISS THEO 010 A
  • Theodolite ZEISS THEO 010 B
  • Theodolite ZEISS THEO lens-mirror
  • Theodolite TE B1
  • Theodolite THEO 015 B 14 pcs.
  • Theodolite TH 2 2 pcs.
  • Radio distance meter MRA 2
  • Distance meter KERN DM 501
  • Distance meter ZEISS EOT 2000
  • Distance meter ZEISS EOK 2000
  • Distance meter KERN DM 504
  • Distance meter LEICA DISTO – handheld, laser
  • Distance meter ZEISS REDTA 002
  • Tacheometer ZEISS DAHLTA 010 A
  • Tacheometer ZEISS DAHLTA 010 B
  • Teletop – objective
  • Telemeter
  • Tacheometer ZEISS BRT 006
  • Tacheometer MOM D1
  • Theodolite KERN DM 501
  • GPS MAGELAN 315 – handheld, personal
  • Laser TKG N 205
  • Setting-out laser ROTOLITE 842
  • Laser set LA 3002
  • Total station TOPCON GTS 6A
  • Total station LEICA TC 605 L
  • Total station LEICA TC (R) 303
  • Total station NIKON DTM 332
  • Small gyro-theodolite GI-D1
  • Gyro-theodolite MRK-2
  • Gyro-theodolite GI-B2
  • Photogrammeter ZEISS
  • Vernier theodolite
  • Hanging theodolite TH 6
  • Pocket levelling instrument NI B6 Meopta
  • Instrument for setting-out surface normal
  • GPS 900 Leica
  • Trimble VX – robotic total station + software
  • Leica DNA 03 – digital levelling instrument
  • Photo camera CANON 500
  • Leica T3 151 – total station
  • Leica Flex Live TS02 Ultra 7´´- total station
  • Leica Flex Live TS02 Ultra 2´´- total station
  • digital levelling instrument – SPRINTER 150M
  • Inclination system – NIVEL 210
  • Monitoring GNSS system Leica 1200
  • Terrestrial laser 3D scanner Scan Station C-10
  • Binocular Leica
  • Levelling instrument SOKKIA C330 – 2pcs.
  • Levelling instrument SOKKIA C410 – 2pcs.
  • Levelling instrument RUNNER 20 – 3pcs.
  • Plotter HP DESIGN JET 110plus -2pcs.
  • Dilatometer TM-71
  • Geo Explorer Geo XH 2008,
  • Digital photo camera CANON 500 with accessories
  • DISTO D8 – laser distance meter
  • SCANNER HP 4670 – 2pcs.
  • Levelling instrument Topcon DL 101 G digital
  • Tacheometer with electronic distance meter LEICA TCR 305
  • Integrated measuring system TOPCON 2x
  • Laser kit type LA 3002 with accessories and the following possible applications
  • evaluation of stereophotogrammetric images,
  • laser testing measurements,
  • comparison of survey tapes,
  • comparison of invar levelling rods,
  • Angle measurement by laboratory units,
  • testing of electro-optical distance meters,
  • the instrumentation related to the realisation of measurements necessary for physical geodesy and geophysics:
  • pole finder,
  • metal Barometer ANEROID 2 pcs.,
  • torsional magnetic scales,
  • thermo-hydrograph,
  • portable magnetic scales,
  • field combined scales,
  • field quartz transistor clock,
  • lux meter,
  • thermograph METRA,
  • optoelectronic proton magnetometer,
  • electro-stabilizer,
  • gravimeter GS 11,
  • syntoniserR,
  • inclinometer,
  • magnetometer ZEISS M2,
  • 3-component magnetometer.
  • Aibot x6 UAV
Our research topics and cooperation are:

The Institute would like to develop research and cooperation in the following areas:

  • mathematization of adjustment and processing of geodetic network structures,
  • systemic and methodological applicability of spatial survey of geodetic point fields by total stations and Global Navigation Satellite Systems,
  • deformation monitoring,
  • optimisation of experimental geodetic measurements,
  • research of the use of alternative, especially robust estimation methods in the processing, adjustment and analysis of geodetic measurements,
  • algebraic expression of topological transformations of plastic deformations of building structures, of dynamically loaded metal structures,
  • use of terrestrial laser and optical scanning in the measurement and creation of spatial models of objects,
  • use of geostatistical methods in the processing of spatial data in GIS,
  • development of methods and tools for analysis and visualisation of spatial data in GIS,
  • development of methods and tools for analysis and assessment of natural phenomena (including geohazards) in GIS environment,
  • INSPIRE and implementation of the Regulation at the national level,
  • use of unmanned aerial systems (drones, UAV) for the collection of spatial data.


List of department’s top 10 projects since 2007

VEGA 1/0369/13 „Multi-criteria approach for the assessment of the suitability of sites for the use of selected types of OZE“; Chef researcher: Assoc. prof. Žofia Kuzevičová, M.Sc., Ph.D.

VEGA 1/0030/12 „Hypogene caves in Slovakia: speleogenesis and morphogenetic types“;  Chef researcher: Assoc. prof. RNDr. Pavol Bella, Ph.D.; Faculty of Education KU; Employees of the UGKaGIS: Gašinec (Assistant of Chef researcher), Pukanská (Scientific co-worker), Bartoš (Scientific co-worker)

APVV-0339-12 „Perlite genesis and innovative approaches to its exploitation and processing“; Chef researcher: doc. Mgr.Petre Uhlík, Ph.D.; Faculty of Natural Sciences UK; Employees of the UGKaGIS: Blišťan (Assistant of Chef researcher for the FBERG), Kovanič, ml. (Scientific co-worker)

VEGA 1/0887/11 „Geodetic methods for spatial data collection and modelling of geological reserves volumes for monitoring the condition and decrease of reserves to make effective use of mineral resources of Slovak Republic“, Chef researcher: Assoc. prof. Peter Blišťan, M.Sc., Ph.D.

VEGA 1/0693/10 „Geodetic monitoring and analysis of acts of mining activities in the area of Bankov – Košice with the active use of GIS tools for the purpose of more effective assessment of the condition of the environment in the perspective of further land use for urban development“, Chef researcher: Assoc. prof. Ľudovít Kovanič, M.Sc., Ph.D.

VEGA 1/0786/10 „Research of cave‘s ice filling dynamics with the use of contactless methods with regard to their safe and sustainable use as a part of Slovak Republic natural heritage“,  Chef researcher: Assoc. prof. Juraj Gašinec, M.Sc., Ph.D.

VEGA 1/0179/08 „Spatial visualisation of Celtic-Dacian and early Middle Ages hill-fort Zemplín using modern information technologies“, Chef researcher: prof. Dr. Janka Sabová, M.Sc.

VEGA 1/0162/08 „Development of methods based on GIS enabling 3D modelling of mineral resources deposits for the purpose of more efficient use of mineral resources potential of Slovak Republic“, Chef researcher: Assoc. prof. Peter Blišťan, M.Sc., Ph.D.

VEGA1/4188/07 „Possibilities of using single-frequency satellite receivers for deformation monitoring of dynamically loaded waterworks“, Chef researcher: Assoc. prof. Juraj Gašinec, M.Sc., Ph.D.

VEGA 1/4167/07 „Analytical and graphical modelling and testing of deformations of the rock-fill dam on the water basin Pod Bukovcom from geodetic terrestrial and satellite navigation measurements with output into GIS applications for the environment protection“, Chef researcher: Assoc. prof. Žofia Kuzevičová, M.Sc., Ph.D.


List of department’s current partners

Name of institution / country

Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Authority of Slovak Republic / Slovak Republic

Local Authority Kosice – City ward Stare mesto / Slovak Republic

The City of Kosice / Slovak Republic


Membership in professional societies, associations and unions at the international level:

  • Fédération Internationale des Géomètres (FIG)
  • Council of European Geodetic Surveyors (CLGE)

At the domestic level:

  • Slovak Society of Surveyors and Cartographers,
  • Slovakian Mining Society,
  • Slovak Association for Geoinformatics,
  • Slovak Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing,
  • Gemer mining association Bratstvo.